There is a digital divide in our city. Libraries can help.

Toronto Public Library sees first-hand the growing gap between Torontonians who have access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.

In a digital world where important daily tasks happen online, access to a computer and the Internet is essential. We are committed to breaking down barriers for anyone who faces challenges in accessing these critical resources; especially youth, newcomers, seniors, Indigenous peoples and low-income residents who are among the most-impacted groups.

Your donation is immediately directed to the Library’s highest priority needs, and helps ensure everyone in Toronto has access to free resources such as computers, Wi-Fi, digital literacy programs, e-learning, and more.


How would you manage without an Internet connection?
For many in our city, and throughout Canada, this is a reality. Did you know...

A Nordicity survey of Ontario public library customers showed that 56% who used technology services at a public library would not otherwise have had access to those services, with Internet access being the most used service.


The latest CRTC data reports 31% of Canadian households living on low incomes do not have home Internet access.


The United Nations found that half of all students around the world – nearly 830 million – don’t have access to a computer. More than 40 percent don’t have internet access at home.

“An adequate Wi-Fi connection is no longer a matter of convenience; it is a necessity for anyone wishing to participate in civil society. Service is often unavailable or too expensive in rural communities and low-income neighborhoods. This has forced people into parking lots outside libraries, schools and coffee shops to find a reliable signal – while others are simply staying logged off.”

The New York Times, July 2020

“In a recession or an economic downturn, we see much higher use of libraries historically, when people are struggling with money. That’s the time they discover everything that libraries have to offer. There is also a renewed appreciation of the key role that libraries provide for people who don’t have the internet, or who live in cramped rooms and do not have the luxury of space.”

The Globe and Mail, July 2020

“There are so many people throughout the country — even in urban areas — that don’t have the internet at home, [who] are reliant on schools, libraries, Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops like Tim Hortons, [all] trying to figure out how to make it work. When something like the COVID-19 pandemic hits, we really see what happens when you don’t prioritize it. We see how far people are being left behind.”

CBC Radio, March 2020

Toronto Public Library is committed to equity and access – for everyone in our city.