Give the gift of the library
Celebrating Toronto Public Library Moms!

Mother’s Day is May 8th. This year, give the gift of the Library.

Toronto Public Library is the world’s busiest public library system where families are always welcome to connect, learn, share and grow. Nearly 70% of Torontonians use the library and these moms typically visit regularly with their kids and grandkids to enjoy storytime, puppet shows, robotics, book clubs, crafting and the thousands of other free programs and services offered in our branches and on Find out firsthand from Tara, Jen, Kinnison, Lisa, Jennifer, Amy, Helen, Tamla, Karyn and Irene why TPL is such a special place for them and why they are TPL supporters.

We asked these moms what TPL means to them – read their heartfelt responses.
Tara and Carson
Toronto Public Library helped me through the early days as a mom with both my boys. Our local branch made the long, frigid winter days feel short and sunny and it became an important space that connected me to other parents in my community. I still remember watching my sons sign their first library cards and truthfully - I got emotional about it! Today I see their curiosity and creativity growing with every book they choose, and we end every day in our house by reading a book. The boys beg me to take them to the library and our visits there are really some of my most cherished memories.
Aksel, Jennifer and Annabelle
In the beginning of this year, I committed to taking our kids to the TPL once a week and allowing them to take out as many books as they want. Part of the reason was because I remember so clearly that my mother had done the same for myself and my sister, and those memories have stayed very dear to me!

These trips have changed the way my kids think about reading and books. According to them, going to the Library means "We simply love books and we love to read!"
Kinnison, Lita and Lisa
Growing up, weekly trips to the library with my mother to pick out books was a way in which we bonded. Reading, discussing, and trading the books we picked is a favourite memory of mine. With my own child, I plan to use the programs the library offers to participate in the community and to introduce her to the joy of reading. The library has always been welcoming to my family and I am glad we have an inclusive space to belong to.
Jen and Elliott
For my son, the Library is a place where he can explore his curiosities of the world. Every time we go looking for answers to his questions, I learn a lot, too. I love taking him to the Library because it's one of the few places in our city that fosters a welcoming and safe learning environment that is accessible to everyone, bringing together a wonderfully diverse cross-section of the community. I want him to learn the value TPL brings to our city. We also love attending the weekly Mini Makers workshops at the Bloor/Gladstone branch; we come home with all sorts of cool STEM crafts.
“The Library has always been welcoming to my family and I am glad we have an inclusive space to belong to.”
Amy, Sophie, Helen and Grace
The Toronto Public Library is a treasure in the city - a place to go to escape into books, activities and a whole host of programming. I remember growing up, my mother taking me to the Library for their free kids programs, an activity that helped establish my love for reading - an activity I have been proud to pass on to my two young daughters. No matter where you live in the city, Toronto Public Library, as the largest library system in Canada with over 100 branches, is always close by and accessible to everyone.
Tamla and Jomei
What does Toronto Public Library mean to me? It means ‘happy place’. It’s a place to relax and hang out with my little guy while he roams endless aisles of books freely. It’s a place for us to socialize with other parents and their little ones while we sing songs, recite rhymes and read books. It’s a place for me to be free from the distractions of home, and focus on my studies. It’s a place for me to be inspired and to aspire.
Karyn and Cora
I love TPL; as a child attending with my parents; using the library as a resource during my many years of school; introducing my children to all the resources available; and now enjoying the wonderful conversations and inclusive learning opportunities offered thorough the system, and sharing fun times with my young grandchildren. Another connection of the Library- my very first job as a page at the Brentwood and Richview branches. This was a fantastic first experience in the working world and it set the path for my career.
Irene and Emily
I started reading to Emily, my first baby, when she was in the womb. She was born during a very cold February and to keep from getting isolated at home, I ventured to the library - at the time, the tiny Mt. Pleasant branch. Two more babies came, and we moved from house to house, but the warm welcome and rich treasures of the nearest TPL branch were constant, and all three of my children became avid readers and lovers of books like their mom.

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